Sixth Form Biology – Investigating Daphnia

Last week Year 12 and Year 13 Biology classes worked together to complete an investigation using Daphnia or Water Fleas. Using live specimens is a challenge, but a good skill to develop for further study in Biology.

The students investigated the effect of caffeine on heart rate of Daphnia. They had to overcome challenges of firstly identifying the heart of the Daphnia using a microscope and then take readings of resting heart rate and then observe the changes once the caffeine had been added.

As always, the students worked collaboratively and supportively with each other. Everyone achieved results and some even became attached to their Daphnia (Dave!!!)

A Level Biology at CTK is a popular subject. Students have gone on to study Genetics, Neuroscience, Medicine, Occupational Therapy to name but a few. There are 3 specialised teachers within the team each with a vast experience in the classroom and within Biology related careers.

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