Sixth Form Life: CTK CARE Charter

My name is Luke, I am in Year 12 and take Biology, Maths and Business.

The CTK CARE Charter is a fantastic way for Sixth Form students to not only improve their CV but also help younger students in many areas of education. I have personally helped with Business and IT lessons with Years 8 and 10. These sessions are great help for the teacher, since they can delegate tasks to me with specific groups, so that each student can receive more individual tuition.

As well as providing more individual support, as someone who has learnt the course myself, I can offer effective study tips to students that make remembering the content they have learnt easier. In addition to Business and IT lessons, I also help run dodgeball on Monday and Friday lunch times with Years 7-9. These sessions help me to develop and improve the many leader qualities that are required in a workplace.

Two other activities that I helped run was the Sixth Form Act of Worship every day for a week and talking to Year 11 about potential A-Levels to take post Year 11. Both activities helped improve personal skills such as public speaking and provided Year 11 with a different perspective of what life at CTK Sixth Form was like.

In total so far this year, I have completed 27 hours of support across the whole school community; this means I have completed both the bronze and silver certificates that I can add to my CV. These will help me stand out from other university applicants because some courses require more than just strong grades.

In conclusion, the CTK Care Charter helps all parties involved and is a great way for younger year groups to engage with more experienced Sixth Former students.