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Our in depth Parent Revision Support Guide provides you with information on Revision Organisation, Top Tips for Revising, Strategies, Wellbeing plus further subject focused revision websites.

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Revision Misconceptions

It’s too early to start

Effective revision starts early and builds up

It’s too late to start now.

It’s never too late to start!

My friends haven’t started revising yet.

They probably have!

You can’t revise for Maths or English.

You definitely can!

I don’t need that subject.

These results stay with your child for life.

I can revise and do other things at the same time.

Concentration is key!

Benefits of Online Revision

  • AI created platforms develop weaker areas as your child completes set questions – highly effective revision
  • Staff can track what work has been completed on some platforms e.g. Seneca, EduCake
  • Engaging – young people tell us that they prefer this method of revising!

Issues with Online Revision

  • Distraction – hard for your child to stay focused if they are using a mobile phone or the internet to revise
  • Hard for you as a parent to track what is being completed – a level of trust is needed
  • Unable to do this with another person – lots of research suggests that paired revision helps, but it isn’t always a bad thing to revise alone.