Knowledge Rich Curriculum

In September 2022, we successfully launched a knowledge rich curriculum in Key Stage 3, with staff developing their curriculum plans, knowledge organisers, knowledge statements and resources so that they are of the highest quality for our students.

This is part of a wider piece of work which we started in September 2021, which was designed to develop the whole school curriculum to become knowledge rich over the next three academic years.

We are currently developing our Key Stage 4 and 5 curriculum as we plan to launch a Key Stage 4 Knowledge Rich curriculum in September 2024 and Key Stage 5 shortly after

The benefits of a knowledge rich curriculum will be seen over time, with students in Key Stage 3 currently displaying vast amounts of core knowledge in all subjects that they study. Many teaching staff have commented that since the introduction of knowledge organisers, students in Year 7 now have a base knowledge which is on a par with students in Key Stage 4.

Why Knowledge Rich?

A knowledge-rich curriculum is designed to develop memory and a student’s ability to recall information. This piece of curriculum development is an exciting time for our school, as we believe that all students are entitled to learn ‘the best that has been thought and said’ (Matthew Arnold). This curriculum development is based on educational research, as well as a number of outstanding schools that have already embarked upon this project.

We want our students to receive the best educational experience so that they leave our school as responsible young people with the key knowledge required to be successful in their future careers and lives. We firmly believe that delivering a knowledge rich curriculum will provide our students with this ambitious curriculum that will develop their life chances.