School Council

WE DAY (its not all about us)

wedayWe day is an event that takes place in many different countries, it is in association with Free the Children and the event is about raising money to help poorer communities worldwide. The event aims to educate people living in poor conditions by building schools and improving their resources. They also educate us here by spreading the We Day message across England to help build general awareness.

We Day came to the UK for the first time on the 7th March 2014, we were fortunate enough to be invited there. You can’t buy a ticket to We day, you have to earn one. So we didn’t get 20 tickets to Wembley arena because we had enough money, we got them because of the fundraising we have done for charities such as CAFOD and Children in Need. The School Council and Core Team were selected to attend because of their efforts in organising last September’s Autumn Fayre and the work they have done with Nottingham Citizens respectively.

MaleaThe student team had a great time at We Day, entertainment acts from the likes of Diversity, Birdy, Ellie Goulding and even Dizzy Rascal made the show a great place to be at. We also learnt a lot, with inspiring speeches from Malala, Al Gore, Spencer West and Evanna Lynch. (Luna Lovegood) There was a question session with Sir Richard Branson accompanied by his daughter Holly and even royalty turned up when Prince Harry came along! Then former England international Gary Neville turned up with Sam and the Womp who performed their hit single live! (Not with Gary Neville though, he did a speech. Obviously.)Harry

The event was sponsored by Barclays, DHL, Virgin Atlantic to name a few, charities such as Free the Children and Me too We were also heavily involved. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our day; we can’t wait to share We Day with you and to resume fundraising for the great cause. Remember to check out the We Day website and if you have any questions please ask either the School Council or Mr Bates.

By Oliver Hill, Year 8, School Council