Parent Testimonials

“Please hold on to the thing that make you such an outstanding school. Your appreciation of diversity, individuality and your willingness to develop every student to their best ability.”

“A school that has a genuine identity, not a corporate one. A safe, creative learning environment with a respect for academic strength alongside the development of holistic qualities.”

“Our child has had the support of amazing and dedicated teachers who have gone above and beyond in supporting her and encouraging her to achieve her very best.”

“I’m not sure where we would be without the support and kindness we have received. The time taken by staff to listen and support my child is not just a gesture, but a sign they care!”

“CTK is a warm, welcoming, caring, disciplined community. Any concerns I have had with any of my children have always been efficiently handled.”

“The school has a caring culture which the teachers demonstrate and set as an example for the children. They also encourage an ethos of working hard, doing good and celebrating strengths.”

“Our daughter has received a first-class education and her subject knowledge is impressive. I believe you have all taught her to learn for life.”

“Impressively, you have created a culture where our children feel confident to see themselves as academic, never feeling ashamed to put their hand up, ask questions and do better.”

“We received lovely emails telling us that our child has done great work and that’s helped boost him. He’s also been recognised at yearly achievement events. He isn’t the best in anything in particular, so it’s great that you recognise effort and enthusiasm as well as actual achievement. I will be sad when my son leaves the school, as I strongly believe that the school has a brilliant culture.”