Christmas Liturgy – 22nd December

On the last day of term, Friday 22nd December, students attended our annual Christmas Liturgy at The Church of the Good Shepherd, where we were joined by Father Phillip.

We spent the afternoon listening to the prophecies hearing scriptures around Jesus’ birth. We also had the opportunity to sing Christmas Carols and reflect on our year.

During the Liturgy, we heard the following –

“When Jesus was born, he brought a new light to the people in darkness. He walked among the people. Teaching, healing and performing miracles. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself for us. We are called to be the light to the nations, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and be the light to the world.”

We then invited students to close their eyes, and think of someone to pray for. With this person in mind, they waved their glowsticks for the whole church to see the light that they bring to the world.

Thank you to our Chaplaincy Team, our Chaplain Charles and Mrs Harvey and the CTK band for making this Christmas Liturgy a fantastic services for everyone.