Curriculum Intent

In History, our intent is:

  • To create a broad and balanced knowledge and understanding of the history of Britain, set in the context of the wider world 
  • To provide knowledge on a variety of events/ people for students to analyse and build their own judgements using those facts as evidence whilst developing students’ ability to undertake historical enquiry by asking and answering questions
  • To provide a diversity rich curriculum with regular connections to the local context through the teaching of history at different scales and different depths and breadths
  • To know and understand a wide variety of historical experiences through a study of social, economic, religious and political histories 
  • To embed the secondary key concepts in history: causation and consequence, similarity and difference, change and continuity, significance, through a chronological study of the past

Curriculum Plan

History Curriculum Overview September 2022 2023

Exam Board Information

Key Stage 4

Edexcel GCSE History (1H10) https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/history-2016.html

Key Stage 5

AQA A Level History (7042) Topics 1C and 2H: https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/history/as-and-a-level/history-7041-7042/specification-at-a-glance

Reading List


Freedom (1783) by Catherine Johnson  

I Am David by Anne Holm  

War Horse, Goodnight Mr Tom and Private peaceful by Michael Morpurgo  

Horrible histories series  

When Hitler stole pink rabbit Judith Kerr 

The book thief – Marcus Zusak  

The diary of Anne Frank – Anne Frank 

J Holt: Robin Hood 


Graphic Novels  

Sapiens A Graphic History, Volume 1: The Birth of Humankind (Sapiens, 1) 

Black and British: An Illustrated History by David Olusoga 



BBC history home school history 

Battle of Hastings https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000jp20 

Mary queen of scots – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3GDZLVN4cJ87MWGFtkVLzqZ/homeschool-history-lesson-mary-queen-of-scots 

The Restoration – 



BBC – History: Middle Ages 

Spartacus Educational (spartacus-educational.com) 

The History Learning Site Covering All Historical Topics 


Subject Leader Information

Subject Leader: Mr Paul Lightfoot

Email: plightfoot@christtheking.notts.sch.uk