Curriculum Intent

In Media, our intent is:

To offer students the opportunity to evaluate the role of the media in contemporary society, to recognise the value and importance of media institutions. The GCSE and A Level courses require the study of a wide range of media texts and products to encourage learners to understand how contexts, political bias and stereotyping impacts on meaning.


Curriculum Plan

Media Studies KS4 Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 5 Media Curriculum Plan


Student Learning Journey

Student Media Learning Journey


Exam Board Information

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5


Reading List

From September 2022 students at both A Level and GCSE will be given a wider reading booklet at the beginning of the academic year. Currently this is only in place for A Level students.

The booklet contains essays and articles from:

  • Media Magazine UK
  • Scholarly articles from key theorists
  • Van Zoonen’s Feminist Perspectives
  • YouTube vlogs: Mrs Fisher for Eduqas
  • Podcasts: New Aural Cultures, BBC Radio 4 The Media Show, The Guardian – Today in Focus

Career Links

Career links for Media Studies through taking the following courses:

  • GCSE Media Studies
  • A Level Media Studies
  • Degree in Media Studies
  • Degree in Advertising and Marketing
  • Degree in Journalism
  • Degree in Communication Studies
  • Degree in Creative Arts & Design


Media studies will equip you for a wide range of jobs, including as a:

  • presenter
  • advertising media buyer
  • copywriter
  • media researcher
  • broadcast journalist
  • writer
  • social media manager
  • media buyer
  • digital marketer
  • advertising designer
  • public relations officer
  • web content writer/manager


And an even greater list of related job families, including:

  • television/film producer or director
  • PR consultant
  • photographer
  • political adviser
  • editorial assistant
  • editor

Subject Leader Information

Subject Leader: Ruth Shardlow