Curriculum Intent

In MFL, our curriculum intent is:

To provide a curriculum which provokes curiosity about other languages and cultures.

To understand and express ideas in other languages.

To develop an understanding of grammatical rules and how to apply them.


Curriculum Plan

MFL Curriculum Plan

A Level Spanish Curriculum Plan

Student Learning Journey

MFL Student Learning Journey


Exam Board Information

AQA GCSE French (8658)


AQA GCSE Spanish (8698)


AQA A level Spanish (7692)


AQA A level French (7652)


Reading List


French – learning a language through stories. Available in different languages. – News information site with videos, podcasts & games aimed at kids. – Podcasts of news in French aimed at different levels, beginner, intermediate & advanced. – well known children’s fables in French & translated into English& audio available. journal en francais facile – news in French & exercises – le journal des enfants – news websites for children aged 8  to 12, includes sciences, sports, culture & games. – French clothing & homeware – great for clothing vocabulary. – French women’s magazine great for fashion, beauty & culture vocabulary. – Online magazine all about French football.

www.L’ – Online magazine featuring different sports in French.  –  a project where French people are interviewed on the street and it’s translated, covering everything from food to talking about your emotions & feelings.


Spanish – Well-known children’s stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker.

Beginner Spanish Short Stories – Read in Spanish | Snappy Spanish –  beginner Spanish short stories that are designed to be simple and are made for people who are new to learning Spanish. – a project where Spanish people are interviewed on the street and it’s translated, covering everything from food to talking about your emotions & feelings. – news in Spanish – podcast – learning a language through stories – Spanish language and culture blog news articles in Spanish – Spanish cooking magazine – national geographic magazine in Spanish

Revista Tú | Tú en línea, revista para teens | Editorial Televisa ( – teen magazine about celebrities, actors, music and fashion – website all about Spanish football

SPORT | Noticias del Barça, La Liga, fútbol y otros deportes – Spanish website about Sport


Career Links

Learning a language opens up a world of options available to you. It allows you to converse with people from other cultures in a language that they are confident in using. Studying languages at Key Stage 4 and then Key Stage 5 allows you to undertake a variety of roles at Post-18 or after University. These roles include:




International Development Worker

Broadcast Journalist

Business career (Abroad)

Please liaise with your MFL teacher who will be able to give you further information on future careers that are possible with a languages qualification.



Subject Leader Information

Subject Leader: Mrs Emma Hainsworth