Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy TeamOur Chaplaincy Team is open to all students at the Academy, we meet weekly to plan liturgies, activates and fundraising ideas. The Chaplaincy Team is split into three groups- Prayer, Publicity and Projects. The prayer group are responsible for coming up with Acts of Worship, Liturgies and ideas to make our collective worship really engaging.  Publicity keep all our displays looking good and aim to share what we are doing as a Chaplaincy Team. Projects are proactive in doing charitable works or campaigning for social justice issues such as Anti-Bullying, Fairtrade etc.

They are commissioned by our Parish Priests at our Carol Service each year and wear the Chaplaincy Team match as a reminder of their role. This was designed by one of the first members of the Chaplaincy Team in 2013, there is a cross at the centre as a reminder to keep Christ at the centre of what we do, the shield is for courage we must be strong in our faith and defending what is right, and finally the circle is a reminder that all are welcome in our community.

If you would like to take a role of leadership in the school, of coming up with ideas for how we can help each other and celebrate our faith join the Chaplaincy Team.

Our Chaplaincy Team for 2015-2016 are

Year 11: Georgina Musson, Sophie Hewlett and Georgia Lewis

Year 9: Finley Saunders, Finlay Dalby, Hannah Harrison, Cristina Reece-Mee, Ania Jackowska, Sam Dewire, Sophie Towle and Munashe Sitima.

Year 8: Kacper Stolaz

Year 7: Nathanial Anstock, Andrew Mason, Chloe Gormley, Louise May, Evie Lewis, Lilly Auld and Agnieszka Kozlowska