Lenten Pledges

Lenten Pledges

Our focus this term is obviously on our Lenten pledges. We will spend time in prayer on Ash Wednesday asking our students to focus their thoughts on how we can take part in the three challenges of Lent to pray, fast and give to others.


Students will be given the opportunity during form Acts of Worship to reflect on the stations of the cross. These are prayerful reflections on Jesus’ journey to the cross. Staff and students in school have recorded these prayers and they will be made available on the website for any parents who would like to join us in these prayerful moments. You can take a look at our School prayers by clicking here.


Students are being encouraged to give something up during Lent to share in Jesus’ experience in the desert at the start of his ministry. We are encouraging them to think about how fasting doesn’t have to mean going without, it can also be a commitment to do more for those around them.

Give to others

There will be several fundraising events taking place this half term, including a non-uniform day, cake sales and much more. We encourage students to do what they can to support these events.