School Meals

Providing our students with healthy, attractive and varied food every day

We are proud that our school meal service operates within national nutritional guidelines and provides our students with healthy, attractive and varied food each and every week. Now that the warmer months are upon us we are providing a lighter menu. We have a breakfast service from 8o/c till 8.45 serving hot and cold drinks. Toast, crumpets and a selection of cold food is available. There is break time at 10.05 till 10.25 where there is a selection of hot and cold snacks. Lunch time is from 12.25 till 1.05 where we offer a main meal and sweet at one service point. Hot and cold food is served at 3 other service points. We also have a pre order kiosk now where students can pre order hot and cold foods which they pick up at lunchtime from a separate service point in the dining room. Pre-order guarantees the students getting their food. We cater for all dietary needs and information regarding allergens is available from the catering staff. If a child has any dietary or medical needs there is a Form (EC46) which we need to be filled in and given to student services who will forward it to the relevant department.


Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy operate a biometric Cashless Catering system. The system works by scanning an image of a student’s finger and then turns this into an alpha-numeric code which is held on the computer. The image of the fingerprint is not stored at all and can never be accessed again. Their name and current balance will appear on the screen at the service point where they scan their finger. Parents now have access to Squid – an online payment system allowing them to add funds to their children’s accounts. A benefit of this method is that parents can be sure that the funds are being credited to the school meal account and not spent at the shop on the way to school on things which are not as healthy as our school meals. Squid can also we used to pay for trips, music lessons, equipment etc.



A daily spending limit is applied to all accounts to ensure that students cannot overspend on one day and be without food on another. This limit is usually set at £7.00, but can be adjusted according to parental wishes. Please let Student Services know and they will make the necessary arrangements should you decide on a different amount. Students who are in receipt of a free school meal will have their account credited with the free allowance on a daily basis as they do at present. This allowance does not roll over therefore if it is not used on one day it is lost. Additional funds can be credited as and when requested and will not be lost, as it is a cash value and not a free allowance.

A further benefit of the system is that our healthy eating policy can be monitored. The squid system allows you to see the choices that your child has made each day. The system allows the catering to see students purchases either collectively or individually. Should there be any problems then a report can be printed off for information.


Additionally, if students have, for example an allergy, the system can be programmed to prevent the sale of a dish which the student should not eat. Again, please let Student Services know if this is the case.

Certain data will be held on the system to enable accurate operation. This will include the student’s name, class, photo, account balance and meal entitlement. This data will be handled under the guidelines of the data protection act and only used by parties directly involved with the implementation of the system. If you have any concerns regarding these changes please contact the school.

Special Diets

We cater for special diets but only if we have the relevant information from parents.

The catering manager or cook will meet parents and students and devise a menu to suit the students needs.

 We can order special products in to enable us to create a special menu to suit dietary needs. If your child has any dietary needs please complete this online Form (Dietary Requirement & Food Allergies Form). The Catering Manager can also be contacted by email via email to

sQuid is the cashless system used by Christ the King CVA. sQuid accounts are topped up online and replaces the handling and management of cash and cheques to pay for items in the canteen and payments for events.