Sixth Form Life: ‘My Experience as Head Student’

The race for the role of Head Student was thrilling and competitive. Those of us who competed for the position delivered several campaigns and speeches such as putting up posters advertising ourselves and pitches to the students and teachers.

For example, when running for the position my competitors and I had to create a video played in the morning across all forms, create a PowerPoint slide of myself stating my plans I would implement if I was successful in the voting, and a speech in front of teachers and students. For me it was an exciting time, and I am happy to have been a part of it as the few weeks that we had to gain the loyalty and votes from the people at this school as it was an intense time with no real clear favourite. It demonstrated a clear sense of community at this school as everyone was involved in the Head Student process, whether it was running for the role, helping to put up posters and finally voting for the candidates.

The friendly competition between candidates really made the short amount of time we had to sell our pitch was the talking point in school as it was an exciting and fun time for all. Thankfully, I was able to do enough during this campaign period to gain enough votes to be voted in as one of the two Head Students here at Christ the King which I am proud of, and I was overjoyed. My peer, Joshua Radford, was able to fill the other Head Student position through excellent campaign skills and tactics so now we work together to benefit the school and those in it.

As one of the Head Students it is my responsibility to set a good example for all students here at CTK and hopefully be someone that anyone can come to for help, with questions and for advice. Part of the role is planning and then delivering speeches during active worships, assemblies, and Open Evenings. For example, I had to speak in front of a large crowd of parents and students at the Year 6 Open Evening giving my honest opinions on why I love this school. I also spoke in front of an immense crowd at the Sixth Form Open Evening, sharing my reasons for joining the CTK Sixth Form to complete my A-Levels. As well as these major events, I speak in front of smaller crowds in school time and deliver to all year groups about several different topics, for example: Sixth Form to Year 10s and 11s, the CTK Mission Statement, the importance of kind actions, mock exams and many more.

For all these different examples, I had to take the time to plan what I was going to say in order to deliver the messages in the best way possible to appeal to the audiences.

Other activities for my position involve setting up meetings with teachers and other students about new ideas we could implement into school time and activities outside of school to benefit the people here at Christ the King. I have also been involved in charitable events such as helping with cake sales as well as the soak the teacher and Head Student Day where mean people threw sponges at my head to raise money for Children in Need.

Overall, although my main focus is on thriving in my A-Level subjects to acquire brilliant grades, I am really happy that I was able to have this opportunity in my life and even though the tasks I have to fulfil as Head Student require a lot of thought and time, I am always open to give up my free time to complete activities and tasks to be the best Head Student possible and help those here at CTK as it is my job as a lead figure in this wonderful school.

I would definitely recommend to any students who plan on staying at this school for Sixth Form to be brave and run for this position in the future as it has opened up a new aspect for me here providing me with experience of working as a leader and as a part of a team which are both invaluable life skills.

– Sam