Science at CTK


Curriculum Intent

The intention of the science curriculum is to ensure that all students:

  • Build on what has been previously taught at each key stage;
  • Are prepared for what comes next;
  • Have a strong knowledge and understanding of scientific phenomena;
  • Are able to develop working scientifically, mathematical and literacy skills;
  • Are able to apply their knowledge to a range of scenarios;
  • Are able to communicate their understanding of science effectively;
  • Have the choice of studying science beyond GCSE.
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Learning Experience

The aims of the Science Learning Area are to expand and develop the school mission statement within the framework of Science as a core academic subject.

Lessons across all key stages are planned and delivered to ensure that students:

  • develop scientific and mathematical knowledge
  • experience rich practical provision that develops working scientifically and apparatus and technique skills necessary for success
  • grow in confidence to use their scientific and mathematical abilities and skills across all STEM subjects
  • become adept problem solvers
  • develop their scientific literacy to enable effective communication of scientific ideas
  • become independent learners
  • appreciate the wider impact of science on society
  • achieve their maximum potential
  • link science to their belief in God

Homework and Independent Study

Homework at KS3 is set on Kerboodle.  Students are given usernames by their class teachers at the start of the year.  The Kerboodle homework’s provide students with an opportunity to consolidate and review their learning in the classroom.  Students are also asked to learn key words and prepare for assessments at the end of each topic.

At KS4, homework is also set on Kerboodle.  However, students are also set other homework tasks such as; exam practice questions; required practical skills; creating revision resources; research; written assignments; preparing for group presentations.

At KS5, students are set a variety of homework tasks. These include, but are not limited to the following;  exam practise questions; writing up practical work; research; written assignments; preparing for group presentation.

It is also expected that students use their independent study to write up their class notes and organise them by topic in folders that will also contain, topic checklists, homework tasks, classwork and assessments.   These are reviewed by their teachers every fortnight.