Dress Code

There is no standard uniform in the Sixth Form but you need to remember that it is a formal working environment and so you should dress suitably in smart casual clothing.

This should be suitable for a school environment and reflect the values of the school for example, no offensive slogans on any clothing.

Other students in school should see Sixth Formers as role models and aspire to be like them so please conduct yourself with the highest standards and a professional approach.

Students are expected to dress sensibly and appropriately and in doing so, be aware that they set an example to the rest of the school. It is useful to have one smarter outfit for public events, interviews and Mass. The following are considered unacceptable:

    • Clothing with inappropriate slogans
    • Clothing that is revealing, including low cut tops or cropped tops or transparent clothing
    • Very tight fitting clothes
    • Skirts or shorts that are well above the knee

It is important that all sixth form students MUST wear their ID badge with the provided lanyard around their neck, so it is visible. This is a legal requirement and one that must be followed for health and safety reasons.