Student Information

Tutor Groups

Each tutor is made up of a combination of Year 12 and Year 13 students to encourage you to mix with new people and develop friendships across the sixth form.

Each tutor group is linked to a house within the school, and there is a weekly Act of Worship which will be attended by the sixth form tutor group and the remainder of the students in the House – made up students in Years 7 – 13.

The form tutors in sixth form are listed below:

Canterbury: Mr J McGahey

Holywell: Mrs A Myatt

Iona: Mr J Russell 

Lindisfarne: Mr S Hughes

Walsingham: Mrs S Tapp 


CTK CARE Charter

When students attend Christ the King sixth form, they are expected to undertake the CTK CARE charter which is a volunteer programme where students in Years 12 and 13 give back time in the school week to support the younger members of the school community. Sixth form students undertake activities such as:

  • Leading sports clubs at lunchtime or after school
  • Paired reading with Year 7 students
  • Being a Teaching Assistant in a subject of their choice
  • Supporting classes in the A-Level subjects that they study
  • Leading fundraising activities within school

As well as supporting younger members of the school community, the CTK CARE Charter was developed in order to enhance the UCAS and job/apprenticeship applications of our students. Many universities and employers look favourably on young people volunteering in their local community, as it helps to develop skills such as confidence and resilience which are vital life skills.