Curriculum Intent

In Geography, our curriculum intent is:

  • To encourage students to be curious about the world around them; developing a knowledge of the places, processes and decisions which shape our evolving and contested world at a variety of scales
  • Ground theories and ideas in the context of the United Kingdom, and where possible the local context
  • Develop Geographic enquiry through the provision of fieldwork and ongoing development of enquiry skills
  • Create an environment which promotes a life-long love of learning about the world and help students identify their role as stewards in shaping and protecting physical and human environments now and in their futures

Course Overview

AQA A Level Geography

Year 1
Water and Carbon Cycles
Coastal Systems and Landscapes
Changing Places
Global Systems and Governance

Year 2
NEA (with residential)
Contemporary Urban Environments


2 examinations each worth 40%
Each exam is two and a half hours
Includes 6 and 9 mark questions in a similar style to GCSE
Structure remains the same for each question

Non-examined assessment worth 20%
3,000-4,000 words
Based on 4 days of fieldwork
Can be linked to any part of the A Level syllabus

Exam Board Information

AQA A-level Geography

Future Steps

A significant number of students go on to study undergraduate Geography – it is the second most employable degree after medicine!

One of the most employable degrees due to its diverse array of skills

Myriad opportunities including accounting, conservation, urban planning, development and politics.