Business Studies

Curriculum Intent

In Business, our curriculum intent is

  • Teaching students the knowledge required to succeed in all subjects within the department
  • Equipping students with the necessary skills required in preparation for future careers in all our subjects
  • Inspiring students in adopting creative, entrepreneurial, and disciplined attitudes throughout their learning journey and beyond

Course Overview

During the first year of the course, we cover Themes 1 and 2 which focus on Marketing and People and Managing Business activities.

In Year 13, we cover Themes 3 and 4 which are based on Business Decisions and Strategy and Global Business.

There is also a pre-release topic which is released by the exam board in Year 13 and covers the context of an industry needed for paper 3.


All exam based (no coursework, 3 papers in total)

Paper 1: Marketing, People and Global Businesses
(2 hours, 100 marks) based on Themes 1 and 4 (35% of total qualification)

Paper 2: Business Activities, Decisions and Strategy
(2 hours, 100 marks) based on Themes 2 and 3 (35% of total qualification)

Paper 3: Investigating Business in a Competitive Environment
(2 hours, 100 marks) based on all themes and pre-release context (30% of total qualification)

Exam Board Information

Execel A levels Business (2015)

Future Steps

Studying Business at A-Level can lead to a variety of options for further study and career prospects. Business is an exciting subject which is always changing, and you gain several transferable skills such as problem solving and extended writing which complements many University courses such as Business Management, Marketing, History and Law.

There are also a range of careers from marketing, running your own business, banking, law and general management.