Curriculum Intent

In MFL, our curriculum intent is:

To provide a curriculum which provokes curiosity about other languages and cultures.

To understand and express ideas in other languages.

To develop an understanding of grammatical rules and how to apply them.

Course Overview

Modern idols
Regional identity
Cultural identity
Youth movements

Social issues and trends
Modern and traditional values
Equal rights
Immigration & racism

Independent Research Project
Individual research on a topic of your choice


Paper 1 – listening, reading & writing – 50%

Paper 2 – Writing – 20%

Paper 3 – Speaking – 30%

Exam Board Information

A-level Spanish

Future Steps

As well as making it easier to spend time living, working and studying in different parts of the world, language skills can also offer a considerable competitive edge in today’s job market. A language A-Level can help also in the following industries: business, engineering, translation and interpreting, law, marketing, teaching, diplomacy, voluntary work, ICT, food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, banking/finance, tourism and hospitality.