Curriculum Intent

Aims to inspire, nurture and realise our students’ artistic and creative potential. The Art department deliver a structured curriculum which allows all students to explore and refine practical skills in a wide range of media and techniques. Our students develop their knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary artists and designers from different cultures which help to inform their ideas and concepts.

Curriculum Plan

Art Curriculum Plan

Course Overview

OCR Fine Art  
2 year course, final assessments in Y13
Course structure mirrors GCSE Art
Greater emphasis on independent study

Year 12 – 2 projects studied giving students the opportunity to explore, develop and refine existing and new approaches when making artwork in a wider range of media and techniques. Traditional and contemporary artists are researched and inform developing ideas leading to the completion of final outcomes.

Year 13 – 2 projects studied = 100% of qualification

Project 1 – ‘Personal Investigation’  = 60%, theme individually created by students based on success’ from Y12
Project 2 – ‘Externally Set Task’ = 40% ,students select a theme from OCR


Each project in Y12 & 13 follows the same assessment structure

4 Assessment Objectives (AO’s) 
AO 1 – Showing the influence of other artists = 25%
AO 2 – Combining ideas, media and techniques = 25%
AO 3 – Observational Studies = 25%
AO4 – Final outcome = 25%

Within each project studied there are 4 formal assessments.

For each project students follow an ‘Action Plan’ clearly identifying tasks and assessment deadlines

Exam Board Information

OCR A Level Fine Art ( H 601 )

Reading List

The Shock of the New – BBC

Gender and Art – Yale University Press

‘How to write about Contemporary Art’ – Gilda Williams

‘Why your five year old could not have done that’ – Susie Hodge

‘Isms . . . Understanding Modern Art’ – Sam Phillips

‘Thinking About Art: A Thematic Guide to Art History’ – Penny Huntsman

‘Great Art Explained’

Future Steps

A Level Fine Art can be seen as a stepping stone to continuing the exploration of creating artwork in many different ways and in many different and diverse industries.

As well as studying visual based subjects at higher levels at colleges and universities, Art can open up careers in Fine Art, T.V. and film, advertising, graphics, fashion, photography, architecture, and education to name but a few.