Curriculum Intent

In Sociology, our curriculum intent is:

  • For students to gain a deep understanding of research methods to be able to design, conduct and evaluate studies into a wide and complex range of social issues.
  • For students to develop critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • For students to engage in deep thinking about society to deconstruct social structures to develop a richer understanding of their mechanisms and effects on society.
  • For students to reflect on societal constructs such as socialisation and ideology to relate learning to personal circumstance to deepen understanding of how society affects individuals.

Course Overview

Year 1
Familes and households
Theory and methods

Year 2
Crime and deviance
Theory and methods


Paper 1 7192/1 – Education with Theory & Methods

  • Education
  • Methods in context
  • Theory and Methods

Assessment – 2 Hours – 80 marks – 33.3% of A Level

Paper 2 7192/2 – Topics in Sociology

  • Families and Households 4.2.2
  • Media 4.2

Assessment – 2 Hours – 80 marks – 33.3% of A Level

Paper 3 7192/3 – Crime & Deviance with Theory & Methods

  • Crime and Deviance
  • Theory and Methods

Assessment – 2 Hours – 80 marks – 33.3% of A Level

Exam Board Information

AS and A-level Sociology

Reading List

Topic Author Name of Book Publisher
Religion Richard Dawkins The God Delusion
Marxism Owen Jones Chavs -The Demonization of the Working Class
Religion S Bruce God is Dead: Secularisation in the West Blackwell Publishers
Globalisation W Elwood The No Nonsense Guide to Globalisation Verso Books, 2001
General JJ Macionis and K Plummer


Sociology: A Global Introduction Pearson Higher Education
Globalisation A Shipman The Globalisation Myth Icon Books
General A Millie Anti-Social Behaviour Oxford University Press
Feminism Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie We should all be feminists Fourth Estate
Feminism Laura Bates Everyday Sexism Simon & Schuster UK
Feminism Various Authors Fifty Shades of Feminism

Future Steps

A wide range of degree opportunities are open to you including sociology, criminology and apprenticeships in many areas including social work.

Careers include probation, welfare, social work, law, medicine and many, many others!


Our Sixth Form Social Sciences classes paid a visit to Shrewsbury Prison, where they discovered what life would be like for prisoners, officers and visitors. It was an insightful trip for our Sociology and Psychology students, as both courses explore aspects of crime and criminals.