Student Information

Our first and most important aim is to share the Gospel message of care and love for the individual. We want our students to be happy and to feel valued. Our school mission statement is printed in the brochure cover. Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy is a CATHOLIC SCHOOL.

It is a major responsibility of our school to help our Catholic students to develop their understanding of the Catholic Faith whilst respecting other Faiths in and out of school. We are closely linked with our partner parishes which include The Good Shepherd at Arnold, The Divine Infant of Prague at Bestwood, Holy Cross at Hucknall and The Sacred Heart at Carlton. Priests from each parish regularly visit the school and get involved in a variety of ways, e.g. being a member of the Governing Body, celebrating Holy Mass and getting involved with the pastoral care of our students.

Each day begins with prayer and students attend acts of worship each week. Holy Mass is celebrated regularly and other liturgies and prayer groups take place throughout the year. On special days, Holy Mass is usually celebrated in the Main Hall for all students. We expect all our students to develop self-discipline and we expect the highest standards in, for example;

  • Honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect for others
  • Appropriate conduct
  • All aspects of school work
  • Homework
  • Appearance (full school uniform)
  • Punctuality and reliability